4/21/2022 Black River: Hunter’s Bridge to Lytle Bay

4/21/2022 Black River (Hunter’s Bridge to Lytle Bay)

Facts and Data:

River Stage: 6.0 ft at Galesville (2590 cfs)
For this section of river the minimum depth, about 4.5
We were scraping bottom several times, some areas were totally dry

Water Temperature: 44°
Air Temperature: 60°

Length of Paddle: 11.8 miles
Average Speed: 3.8 mph

Trip Number (22-01) First paddle of the year. A few days later than last year, but we have all been watching the weather reports for the last few weeks—watching for a day that was tolerable. Well finally at the last moment we decided to take a Thursday tour rather than continue to wait. The next 10 days of forecast look like poor conditions, rain , cool weather, and cloudy. The paddlers for the day were: Steve, Pat C., Pat S., Bill , Teresa, and Me. Today was sunny and 60°, but we did have a head on wind of 15-22 mph. for the first hour and then it was at our backs for the most part and was again an enjoyable day. We made the tour in 3 1/2 hours and that included a 30 minute break for lunch—which proved to be a windy and cool time period.
We did see a good number of Eagles, many off in the distance, but I did catch a few up close and got some good footage of them flying.

To watch the video click the arrow and then enlarge the screen with the icon in the lower right of the screen. To get back to this page just shrink the page back to normal.
When viewing the still pictures below, click on them and they will also enlarge and then move through the selection with the arrow on your computer. Enjoy!!
Steve’s music selection for today is:
Ride the River by JJ Cale and Eric Clampton

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