River Trips 2020

This is the year of COVID, we have a goal of beating COVID-19, with each trip listed below from COVID-1 through the year to COVID-22  (We beat COVID and celebrated our success after trip 19. The list of the  2020 COVID trips below are a thumbnail of where we went this year–click on the post and it will take you to the full description of the trip and pictures  The posts are listed from the most recent at the top to the earliest ones of the year, closer to the bottom of the page, in order of completion.

Keep track of the most recent trips, from the most recent year, on the side posts and just click and see where and when we went kayaking and the details of each trip

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11/08/2020 Black River Falls to Irving

10/11/2020 Black River (Melrose to Hwy VV)

10/06/2020 Wisconsin River (Hwy 82 to Wisconsin Dells)

9/26/2020 Root River (Whalen to Rushford)

9/17/2020 Black River (Irving to Melrose)

9/13/2020 Black River Falls to Irving

9/05/2020 Black River (Hunter’s Bridge to Lytle Bay)

8/29/2020 Root River (Whalen to Rushford)

8/13/2020 First Mate’s Tour

8/9/2020 Melrose to VV (w/a new shortcut)

7/30/2020 Root River (Whalen to Rushford)

7/25/2020 Black River Hunter’s Bridge to Lytle Bay

7/10/2020 Root River (Whalen to Peterson)

7/3/2020 Black River Falls to Irving

6/27/2020 Upper Iowa River (Kendallville to Bluffton)

6/16/2020 Kayak Self-Rescue Practice

6/6/2020 Root River (Whalen to Peterson)

5/30/2020 North Bend (Hwy VV) to Hunter’s Bridge

5/16/2020 Black River Falls to Irving

5/03/2020 Irving to Melrose


4/26/2020 Hwy VV (North Bend) to Hunter’s Bridge

4/18/2020 Hunter’s Bridge to Lytle Bay