5/07/2022 Black River: Hwy VV to Hunter’s Bridge

5/07/2022 Black River (Hwy. VV to Hunter’s Bridge)

Facts and Data:

River Stage: 5.9 ft at Galesville (2360 cfs)
For this section of river the minimum depth, about 4.5
We were scraping bottom several times, some areas were totally dry

Water Temperature: 54°
Air Temperature: 60°

Length of Paddle: 12.9 miles
Average Speed: 3.8 mph

Trip Number (22-02) Only our second paddle of the year. A lot fewer trips for the year at this time than normal, we just have not had any good paddling weather. We could see in advance that this particular Saturday was going to be perfect–85°, low winds and sunny all day—a perfect day.. The paddlers for the day were: Steve, Pat C., Bill, Teresa, Robin (our newbie for the week) and Myself. In spite of our hard and fast rule to now allow anyone “not vetted” to go when the water is high and cold, I made an exception and she did an excellent job of kayaking—much to my relief. My whole reputation was at stake, (all the others were ready to pounce on me if I screwed up this decision, I could feel the pressure.) but, she came through for me with high marks, so now she is vetted and welcome to go anytime—welcome to the team, Robin.
“Today was sunny and 85°, but we did have a very slight head wind for only a short period of time. We made the tour in less than 3 1/2 hours of paddling but managed to take a few breaks for about 1 ½ hours total.
We did see a good number of Eagles, many off in the distance, but I did catch a few up close and got some good footage of them flying. We also had a deer join us in the water and try to cross the river right in front of us, as it swam for its life with Steve in hot pursuit –bound and determined to catch it, but he failed.

To watch the video click the arrow and then enlarge the screen with the icon in the lower right of the screen. To get back to this page just shrink the page back to normal.
When viewing the still pictures below, click on them and they will also enlarge and then move through the selection with the arrow on your computer. Enjoy!!
Steve’s music selection for today is:
Daydream by the Vogues
What a Day for A Day Dream by The Vogues
It’s a Beautiful Morning by The Rascals

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